Our Social Impact


When you work with ICENA, you make an impact on two levels.

First, you bring about social change within your organisation, business or service. You and your team gain awareness and understanding of sexual harassment and violence. You deliver better support to survivors. You’re empowered to advocate for gender equality and help others feel safe, seen and supported.

But your impact doesn’t end there.

When you book ICENA training or consultancy, your fees fund sexual violence support services in the UK. You help ensure those affected by gender-based violence receive the resources they need.

How it works

  1. Buy a course or hire us to consult
  2. Create an inclusive environment free from sexual discrimination and violence
    • Change attitudes, beliefs and norms
    • Ensure fair access to resources and opportunities
    • Empower teams to prevent sexual violence and support survivors
  3. Fund services for UK survivors of sexual violence
    • Provide housing for women fleeing abusive relationships
    • Pay for frontline resources for survivors
    • Economically empower women experiencing sexual harassment and discrimination
    • Keep free services free

For survivors of sexual discrimination and assault, this means

  • A safe place to go when a partner is abusive
  • Free, specialised help and care in the aftermath of assault
  • Financial agency to live free from sexual harassment and discrimination

Our commitment

In recognition of our responsibility to women and survivors of sexual violence, we promise to;

  • Use our profits to fund sexual violence support services.
  • Partner with and commission work from women and women-led organisations, where possible.
  • Creating a diverse and equitable workforce that includes, marginalised women to amplify diverse voices and experiences in our training and consultancy.

We will be transparent about our progress and constantly seek ways to do better.

Get involved

Gender violence and inequality remain a daily reality for too many women. If you would like to contribute to eradicating sexual violence, here are some ways you can get involved:


Spread the word about our work


Join us as a trainer or consultant


Support our organisation as a partner

Looking to play your part?

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“Thankyou ICENA”

Thank you again for today’s training. I can’t remember the last time I came out of training so inspired and ready for action. So often training is death by PowerPoint and with nothing to take away other than worry and concern that you aren’t able to do something. This was so far from that. On the train, I planned two staff training sessions and worked out a program for our Year class and an individual in particular. Never done that before after training. Both sessions were fantastic.

This learner took our train the trainer – Talking to Children about Consent course

“5 star service all round”

This was an incredibly useful training exercise. Very engaging and informative. 

This learner took our preventing & responding to sexual harassment in the workplace course

“Fantastic service & knowledge”

We really enjoyed the Professional Boundaries and Data Sharing training. It’s enabled our staff team to reflect on working practices and how they can be improved.

This learner took our professional boundaries training course

Get in touch

Use the form to the right to contact us and we’ll get back to you within two working days.

Please note that we are not a frontline organisation. If you or someone you know needs urgent help following a sexual assault, visit the Rape Crisis website for a list of services that will be able to help you.