Training & Consultancy

Training and consultancy to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and eradicate gender inequality in your organisation or community.

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Why choose ICENA?

Safe spaces, skilled trainers. Our speakers offer knowledge, passion, warmth and understanding.

Profit-boosting potential. Actionable steps that deliver tangible results in your company.

Make an impact. Our profits go towards funding survivor services in the east of England.

Training & Consultancy

We believe in the power of education to eradicate gender inequity by delivering widespread change to policies, procedures, understanding and attitudes. Our accredited training and consultancy empowers communities to ensure every individual feels safe and supported.

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We work with


  • Both students and staff at schools, colleges and universities
  • Managers and employees of businesses and third sector organisations
  • Public-facing employees in statutory organisations including the legal system, the police, fire and health services
  • Survivor services including ISVAs

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We offer bespoke training covering trauma, sexual harassment and violence, health and wellbeing for professionals, businesses, school and the public and third sector.


Get the guidance and support you need to install and improve policies and procedures in your organisation. You can feel confident knowing you’re taking the necessary steps to eradicate gender-based violence and inequality in your community. Evaluation and research


Independent, impartial support with your next research project, evaluation or audit. From data gathering to analysis, project management to consultancy. Our teams offers lived experience, sector expertise, a rigorous and trauma-informed approach and valuable industry contacts.


Take one of our accredited e-learning training courses specially designed for professionals who work with survivors of sexual violence.


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Empowerment & Social Change

We exist to deliver education and consultancy that address the origins of gender-based violence and eradicate it from society. In the education sector, that means offering accredited training and consultancy to help institutions prevent and respond to sexual harassment and empower the next generation to think differently about consent and relationships.

In the business and third sector, we work to create a world where everyone has the right to work and take part in society without fear of harassment or inequality. We also work with frontline survivor support workers to help them upskill and deliver the best possible care.

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