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We offer bespoke training covering trauma, sexual harassment and violence, health and wellbeing for professionals, businesses, schools and third sector.

Sexual violence describes any form of unwanted sexual activity. As members of our communities, we each have a role to play in ending sexual violence towards women and girls.

When discussing or dealing with sexual violence, perhaps you or others in your organisation show unconscious bias, feel underprepared or uncomfortable. With our training, you’re taking steps towards building an inclusive, fair space where everyone feels safe. You will help to shift mindsets, prevent sexual violence and support survivors effectively.

To read more about preventing sexual violence and supporting survivors, visit our blog.

University & Higher Education

For teachers, university staff, youth workers, those working with young people.

Our accredited training and consultancy help schools, universities and other educational organisations to prevent and respond to sexual harassment, level up survivor support, teach consent and healthy relationships and create spaces that feel safe for all. We believe the key to societal change is empowering the next generation. Our training and consultancy help schools, universities and other educational organisations to prevent and respond to sexual harassment, level up survivor support, teach consent and healthy relationships and create spaces that feel safe for all. ​


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For teachers, youth workers, those working with young people.

It is important for secondary schools to provide training on pornography, consent, and online safety to their students. Training on these topics can help students better understand healthy sexuality, relationships, and online behaviour and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate these issues safely and responsibly.


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Though not compulsory at primary school age, the Department for Education recommends that all primary schools should have a sex education programme tailored to the age and physical and emotional maturity of the pupils.


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Public Sector & Business

Changing attitudes and actions to end gender-based violence and inequality

Our accredited training and consultancy empower businesses and public organisations to prevent and respond to sexual harassment, promote gender equality and create societal change.


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Charity/Womens Sector

Empowering individuals in the women’s sector to found, manage and run impactful organisations

As a women-run, feminist-governed organisation, we recognise the importance of training to help organisations in the women’s sector redress the gender imbalance and change society. Our accredited courses for trustees, managers, leaders and chairs explore the values, responsibilities and governance structures that create impactful organisations.


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CEO/Leadership Teams

Empowering change through Leadership to impact organisational culture, promote equality and create safe harassment free workplaces

Our accredited training and consultancy focuses on empowering CEO’s, Trustees, Management and Senior Leadership teams to promote gender equality, respond to sexual harassment, and create societal change.


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Consultancy & Evaluations

Independent, impartial evaluation, training and consultancy

We are an independent organisation with our own team of trainers, consultants and evaluators. Though we support Rape Crisis organisations financially, no shareholders or directors of Rape Crisis have access to or influence over any of our work.


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ISVA’s CHISVA’s IDVA’s and Advocacy

Protecting survivor support by empowering frontline professionals

Our accredited training and consultancy promote better, safer and more effective advocacy and services for survivors by tending to professional development and welfare.


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“Thankyou ICENA”

Thank you again for today’s training. I can’t remember the last time I came out of training so inspired and ready for action. So often training is death by PowerPoint and with nothing to take away other than worry and concern that you aren’t able to do something. This was so far from that. On the train, I planned two staff training sessions and worked out a program for our Year class and an individual in particular. Never done that before after training. Both sessions were fantastic.

– This learner took our train the trainer – Talking to Children about Consent course


“5 star service all round”

This was an incredibly useful training exercise. Very engaging and informative.

– This learner took our preventing & responding to sexual harassment in the workplace course

“Fantastic service & knowledge”

We really enjoyed the Professional Boundaries and Data Sharing training. It’s enabled our staff team to reflect on working practices and how they can be improved.

– This learner took our professional boundaries training course

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Please note that we are not a frontline organisation. If you or someone you know needs urgent help following a sexual assault, visit the Rape Crisis website for a list of services that will be able to help you.