Consultancy to Create Safe, Inclusive and Equitable Organisations


We support businesses, Education systems & public sector organisations in creating safe and inclusive workplaces. We also work with Police and Crime Commissioners, Local Authorities and other service providers to improve support for survivors of sexual abuse.


Establishing new values in a company’s culture can be challenging.


Sometimes, traditional behavioural codes are deeply ingrained. Some are useful, encouraging hard work and unity. But others allow boundary-crossing and gender inequality which reduce staff satisfaction and team performance.


We can help you build a culture of inclusivity where every staff member feels safe, respected and empowered to succeed.


For organisations that work with survivors of sexual violence, directly or indirectly, our consultancy services empower your team to deepen their understanding and provide the best possible support.


To find out more about how to create a harassment-free and equitable workplace, visit our blog.



Thorough, practical action plans targeting your specific needs


Experienced specialists who understand your challenges and concerns


A compassionate service that delivers change without bias or judgement


Women-led consulting paving the way for social change


Profits from our consultancy help fund critical services for UK survivors of sexual assault

The Result

After working with our consultants, your workplace will be;


Employees feel empowered to work, progress and earn free from unconscious bias, sexual harassment and discrimination.


Honour your duty of care to employees or clients. Survivors of sexual discrimination, harassment or violence feel supported and safe.


When employees feel empowered and supported, staff absence and turnover drop and productivity rises. With a reputation as an inclusive employer, you’re more likely to attract top talent and grow your profits

There is no typical ICENA project. We work on commissions across several sectors with a range of goals and outcomes. Our case studies show the types of support we can offer. But here are some of the more common challenges we can help you overcome:


  • Increased incidents of violence or sexual violence
  • What to do following disclosures of sexual harassment
  • Speaking to students about consent and healthy relationships
  • Support with drafting policies and procedures around sexual harassment and disclosures

Regardless the specific goal, we always aim to create student-led, trauma informed, safe and equitable spaces. Spaces where students feel safe to disclose or seek help and advice

How it works

  1. Together with you, we review current policies and procedures and draft new or updated versions where needed. With the updates in place, we offer resources to help embed them in the organisation.
  2. We offer teacher training or INSET sessions for your team. Choose from topics including: student wellbeing, conversations around consent and healthy relationships, and online safety and bystander training.
  3. One in 10 university and college staff have experienced workplace sexual violence in the past five years. And one quarter knows someone who has. Our review process goes beyond student-focused policies to update those pertaining to staff as well. We can facilitate sharing the updated policies and procedures to make sure every staff member knows their rights and responsibilities

Measurable results

We understand the importance of tangible outcomes and measurable output. So we provide a framework to track your results as you move towards a safer environment for everyone in your community.

Public sector and business

  • High rates of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • External sexual harassment towards public facing staff
  • Lack of resource to implement change to policies and disclosure procedures
  • Insufficient data and research

Our consultants have worked with NHS England, Local Authorities, the University of Essex, LSE, the Probation Service, Rape Crisis England and Wales and many more, delivering consultancy and training on sexual harassment, sexual violence and health and wellbeing.

How it works

  • We offer a strategic response to sexual harassment and sexual violence. This includes reviewing and updating policies and procedures, undertaking risk management and reviewing management of safeguarding and disclosure.
  • We also provide training to your staff, HR team, safeguarding leads and wellbeing officers on a range of topics, including safeguarding, first disclosure, bystander, and challenging myths and attitudes to sexual harassment and violence.
  • Sessions aim to empower attendees to contribute to a safer collective environment for all.

Measurable results

Our tailored reporting structures allow you monitor and measure impact. Our goal is to create open pathways for disclosures, to create a culture of support for those who disclosure and to build a sense of trust between managers and employees.

How does it work?

With our consultancy services, you’ll get start-to-finish support from your dedicated consultant.

This is what else you can expect.

  1. Diagnose focus areas and set goals.
  2. Agree on a strategic plan to achieve those goals.
  3. Shift company culture by reshaping attitudes, beliefs, practices and norms.
  4. Assign staff leads to drive ongoing change.
  5. Track impact and plan ongoing action.
  6. Evaluate change and plot next steps.

What next?

  • Get in touch to arrange a chat
  • If we can’t help, we’ll recommend someone who can
  • We offer competitive day rates and set prices for longer projects

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“Thankyou ICENA”

Thank you again for today’s training. I can’t remember the last time I came out of training so inspired and ready for action. So often training is death by PowerPoint and with nothing to take away other than worry and concern that you aren’t able to do something. This was so far from that. On the train, I planned two staff training sessions and worked out a program for our Year class and an individual in particular. Never done that before after training. Both sessions were fantastic.

This learner took our train the trainer – Talking to Children about Consent course

“5 star service all round”

This was an incredibly useful training exercise. Very engaging and informative. 

This learner took our preventing & responding to sexual harassment in the workplace course

“Fantastic service & knowledge”

We really enjoyed the Professional Boundaries and Data Sharing training. It’s enabled our staff team to reflect on working practices and how they can be improved.

This learner took our professional boundaries training course

“I am pleased to commend ICENA”

NHS England (east) has engaged ICENA Consulting to undertake a piece of evaluation in relation to the service provision for sexual assaultreferral centres. ICENA has approached the work with great professionalism and rigour. As planned and agreed in advance, there have been interim meetings to discuss emerging findings and progress. All communications have been characterised by helpful and expertsupport from the team and I have every reason to believe that the project will be delivered to time and to budget, and will provide us with the insights that are described in the brief. As such I am pleased to commend ICENA.

Claire Weston Head of health and Justice (east)