Terms and Conditions

You can order from Icena Limited only via the website: www.icena.net

When you place an order for any product(s), you are buying the product(s) at the price stated at the time of order, subject to the following terms.

When you place your order we will send you an email to confirm that we have received your order. This email is produced automatically and confirms the details that you have given us. It is a receipt of order but it is not confirmation that we can fulfill the order. If we cannot for any reason fulfill the order we will contact you directly. The delivery time can depend on the service specified at the checkout.

​Icena Limited may cancel any sale and not supply products if it is reasonable to do so and may change or discontinue the availability of products at any time.

Our prices on the website www.icena.net are in GBP.

​International shipping is available to selected locations outside of the UK. If you require product(s) to be sent outside of these selected locations then please contact us. You are responsible for the disclosure and payment of any import duties and other taxes which may apply when the product(s) are delivered.

We accept payment via PayPal, Apple Pay/Google Pay and card payments processed via Stripe.

Icena Limited cannot be held responsible for any bank or PayPal charges you may incur, please check before making your purchase.

The www.icena.net website is operated by:

Icena Limited trading as Icena

​Registered trading address:
Salisbury House,
Station Road,

General email: hello@icena.net

Telephone: + (0122) 456 789