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We support the third sector with evaluation and research services. Our independent and impartial team offer lived experience, sector expertise and invaluable industry contacts.

What we do

Our research, evaluation and data collection support includes:

  • Finding, qualifying and introducing participants or case study candidates
  • Gathering data in a trauma-informed manner
  • Interviewing subjects including survivors keeping trauma-informed principles in mind
  • Qualitative or quantitative data gathering
  • Collating and analysing gathered data to spot trends, patterns, averages and outliers
  • User-friendly, evidence-baased reports, summaries, conclusions and recommendations
  • Maintaining subject confidentiality at all times

How it works

Initial meeting to agree upon workplan, timeline, data sets and methods

  1. Gather evidence
  2. Data analysis and triangulation to uncover averages, trends and themes
  3. Formulate initial conclusions and share in a user-friendly format
  4. Analyse recommendations to test their validity
  5. Meeting to explore findings and recommendations and next steps
  6. Deliver preliminary report
  7. Take feedback on board to deliver final report


Independent and impartial

We are an independent organisation with our own team of evaluators. Though we support Rape Crisis organisations financially, no shareholders or directors of Rape Crisis have access to our influence over any of our work.


User-friendly reporting

Our reports are evidence-based. They are designed to be user-friendly, sorted by category and priority.


Trauma-informed approach

Thanks to our background in the sector, we take a trauma-informed approach to gathering data. We offer a variety of interview formats and appointment times and making sure our methods are accessible to all needs. We gather data with sensitivity and respect, avoiding re-traumatisation by

  • Employing trauma-informed interviews
  • Holding interviews according to the participant’s needs
  • Agreeing a buzzword for instant interview termination
  • Offering aftercare and follow up support


Our data is handled by independent investigators. We take care to eliminate bias and guarantee the robustness of our evidence. We always maintain participants’ privacy and record explicit consent in every case.

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Case Study

Helping NHS England monitor and improve survivor support

Working with NHS England to review Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) in the east of England to improve survivor care and tackle access inequalities. We mixed desk research of SARC data, an online survey for SARC professionals, police and service users and phone interviews with survivors. This allowed us to build a full picture of survivor outcomes and deliver solid conclusions.

Find out how our research helped NHS England help more survivors

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Please note, we are not a frontline organisation. If you or someone you know are in crisis, please visit the Rape Crisis England and Wales website for a list of services that can help.